• God in the Trenches of Ukraine

    by Sofia Kochmar, Catholic News Agency Kyiv, Ukraine, Sep 25, 2014  (CNA/EWTN News).- Since April, Ukraine’s eastern provinces have experienced continual military confrontation between its government, and pro-Russian separatists and Russian forces, and more than 3,200 have been killed in the conflict. Accompanying the soldiers at the front are priests – both Catholic and Orthodox – as well as Protestant chaplains. Vasyl Derkach, 23, recently returned to Lviv, in Ukraine’s west, to recover after his rotation in Ukraine’s military in the eastern conflict zone. “Can you imagine, I have slept for seven days on clean sheets? I did not sleep on sheets for five months,” Vasyl told CNA in a recent interview. “Have you ever really thanked God for sleeping in a warm bed?” “In my team, no one believed in God. I asked my friend with whom I always stayed on the post: ‘Do you believe in God?’ He told me, ‘No, I have faith in myself.’ But when he was wounded, the first thing which he said to me in the hospital, was ‘Vasyl, I prayed! Can you believe me, I prayed?!’” “At war there are no atheists. When they start to shoot, everyone begins to make the … Continue reading

Welcome Home!

If you are among today’s 1.8 million U.S. military personnel [236,500 officers; 1,139,100 enlisted; 12,700 cadets- midshipmen], then welcome home.

Military personnel- officers and enlisted, active duty and retired, from every branch of service- speak candidly of their quest to balance “the needs of the Army” (or Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Merchant Marines, Coast Guard) with the will of God.

Chaplains of many faiths, all of whom minister to Catholics in the military, are challenged by an acquisition process in need of reform.

One spoke of his $250 quarterly budget for religious supplies while stationed at a major Marine Corps base. Another chaplain wrote of his frustration with the acquisitions process itself- requests for religious supplies travelling up and down the chain of command for more than a year, only to be denied one week prior to rotating out to his next assignment.

Providing an effective means to supply chaplains with Catholic resources is one reason Mission Capodanno was formed. Read More