2013 Locations Served- MissionCapdonno

The Y2013′s year-to-date report on locations served- thanks to you- is here.

Your generosity has made possible outreach to seven countries, numerous commands and installations worldwide (not all are included in the list below), and throughout CONUS!

With or without war, troop surges or withdrawals, the need for Catholic resources to reach US military personnel is even greater today than when this work first began.

Helping those in most need is the mission, and so when chaplains and troops ask for assistance, Mission Capodanno provides it.

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In 2013, Mission Capodanno provided materials to troops and chaplains stationed in the following locations:

Djibouti, Africa

FOB Spin Boldak
FOB Pasab
FOB Bande Sardeh
Camp Lemonnier
Camp Nathan Smith
Camp Arifjan
Camp Patriot
Bagram Air Base

29 Palms
Luke Air Force Base
Great Lakes
Camp Lejeune
Bethesda Medical Center
Ellsworth AFB
Fort Leonard Wood
USS Preble

North Carolina
New Jersey
New York
South Carolina
South Dakota

With every prayerful good wish to you and yours this Advent season,
Judy L. McCloskey

Word from Our Founder

If you are among today’s 1.8 million U.S. military personnel [236,500 officers; 1,139,100 enlisted; 12,700 cadets- midshipmen], welcome home.

Military personnel- officers and enlisted, active duty and retired, from every branch of service- speak candidly of their quest to balance “the needs of the Army” (or Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Merchant Marines, Coast Guard) with the will of God.

Chaplains of many faiths, all of whom minister to Catholics in the military, have shared with me the challenges they face.

One spoke of his $250 quarterly budget for religious supplies while stationed at a major Marine Corps base. Another chaplain wrote of his frustration regarding the acquisitions process itself- requests for religious supplies travelling up and down the chain of command for more than a year, only to be denied the week he rotated out to his next assignment.

Providing a proven effective means to supply chaplains with military-specific Catholic resources is one reason Mission Capodanno was formed.

Military personnel and family members, too, speak of the added stress of deployments without a priestly presence. I can relate to that… because I remember that!

Military family life isn’t something you or I observe, casually from the sidelines- or analyse as a case study in American sub-cultures.

We live it. We pray it. We know it.

For many all of us, our children are following suit and learning as we did that sacred balance between duty to country and the will of God, and that where the two converge, there is found peace.

Catholic teachings and military servant-leadership principles converge here into authentic Christo-centric patriotism for the soldier’s heart. We build bridges to bring another step closer the ideal of honorable military service and the reality:

“Those who are sworn to serve in the armed forces are servants of the security and freedom of nations. If they carry out their duties honorably, they truly contribute to the common good of the nation and the maintenance of peace.” -CCC ¶2310

Welcome to Mission Capodanno.

- Judy McCloskey and Team Capodanno

P.S. Drop me a line and tell me how you’re doing- and how we’re doing! Let me know how Mission Capodanno can better assist your important mission. I look forward to hearing from you.

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